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 Fishing Changed!

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PostSubject: Fishing Changed!   Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:52 pm

I noticed that fishing wasn't getting properly reflected in the wiki for MCMMO. So I edited a few values, and now I'm posting them here.

# Rank_Levels: Fishing level where rank gets unlocked
Rank_1: 0
Rank_2: 150
Rank_3: 200
Rank_4: 400
Rank_5: 550
Rank_6: 700
Rank_7: 800
Rank_8: 900

Rank_1: 0.0
Rank_2: 15.0
Rank_3: 25.0
Rank_4: 40.0
Rank_5: 55.0
Rank_6: 60.0
Rank_7: 75.0
Rank_8: 100.0
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Fishing Changed!
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