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 Biome Changing - Rules, & How to

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PostSubject: Biome Changing - Rules, & How to   Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:48 pm

Players can ask for admins and owners to change the biome of land that they have protected to any biome.

Here are the rules on the cost/placement of biomes.

1: The cost to purchase a different biome is 100 per tile, 10 by 10 area minimum, 10,000 total.
2: The biome change must be done on land that is owned by the person doing the biome change.
3: There is no refunds, and if in the future these biome changes start corrupting the map, all money will be lost that is spent on this.
4: You purchase a biome change by calling an admin or owner.

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Biome Changing - Rules, & How to
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